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MPM Starflex Mono 100

MPM Starflex Mono is a high-quality, moisture cured, liquid roofing product manufactured by MPM, who are a worldwide company established in 1955. They are acknowledged as a manufacturer of high-quality commercial liquid waterproofing systems. MPM distributes products worldwide. Starflex Mono is a fast curing, one component quality, polyurethane liquid roofing waterproofing system.

Starflex Mono is an air moisture cure system. It is applied as a Wet-on-Wet method, using a 60 gm/m2 polyester fleece for reinforcement. The product is prepared by stirring carefully for at least two minutes. It is then a one-component product ready to use. At this stage the product can be thinned by adding a catalyst 5-10% by weight of liquid in the container. This is included as an option within the system. The process speeds up the curing time to around 45 minutes, depending on the temperature.

All areas must be reinforced. It is an ideal system for flat roofs, curved roofs, balconies, communal walkways, and terraces. Starflex Mono is a great solution for designs of all sizes. It is a cost-effective solution for waterproofing in refurbishment or a new build development, domestic or commercial. The main colour in the UK is Mid Grey Ral 7043, but lighter shades of grey are available and almost any RAL colour is possible. Although this may be subject to a minimum quantity order. Starflex Mono has an BBA tested lifespan expected life span of 30 years if installed correctly. It also has BroofT4 accreditation which is a high-level fire rating required by the UK construction industry.

The Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing product is based on elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin technology. This means it has excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, Ultraviolet and provides resistance against all weathers and conditions. It is an easy application using brush, roller, or airless spray. Once installed it forms a seamless membrane. Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing is resistant to water, frost, and root penetration. It can be used under green or blue roofs. Crack-bridging (1) is up to 2mm, even at -10oC. It is a water permeable membrane, so the surface can breathe.

Starflex Mono provides excellent thermal resistance and is ultraviolet resistant. Starflex Mono is suitable for virtually all likely substrates, including bitumen felt, GRP, asphalt, single ply, timber, metal, acrylic coatings. EPDM, TPO and concrete substrates. It is a excellent product for domestic flat roof construction and repairs. A primer is not always required. Although concrete and timber, EPDM, TPO and tiling should always be used. A peel test (2) is an essential process that should take place prior to installation begins regardless of substrate condition. A moisture reading should also take place at this time.

Typically, 2.2kg/m2 is the required amount of Starflex Mono in refurbishment situations, but this can vary depending on the substrate surface. liquid waterproofing to be used or lifetime expectation of the waterproofing of the roof. Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing has good thermal insulation, and it maintains its integrity over a temperature span of -40oC to +90oC.

Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing provides excellent adhesion to virtually surface and relevant primers are available for all surfaces. It can be used in areas designed for pedestrian and light car traffic. On these areas, quartz or an anti-slip product can be sprinkled into the wet surface. Once the coat is cured any loose material is brushed away and a clear coat. Starflakes and Polistar Transparente is a great decorative option here.

A further thin topcoat of Starflex Mono or Starflex Mono Top liquid waterproofing can also be used. An accelerator liquid can also be added if faster curing is required. This would typically be required if refurbishment of public and social housing walkways is taking place as there is often a tight curing window required. Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing is a good alternative to PMMA, especially when catalyst is added as curing time is drastically reduced.

Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing is resistant to most detergents, oils, seawater, and domestic chemicals. If the membrane gets damaged and splits or cracks, it can be repaired by simply installing a solitary coat. It is a cold applied, flame free installation, so is safe to install. For instance, you don’t have to have a ‘fire watch’ on site for a period following daily completed works.  than some other roofing systems. Because of its anti-root properties, it is perfect for use under some agricultural, organic areas such as green roofs, or planter containing areas. Starflex Mono can be used for waterproofing and protection of concrete constructions like bridge-decks, tunnels, stadiums, and car parks.

 Easy to apply with roller, brush, spray.

• Crack bridging ability.

• Excellent elasticity, even at low temperatures.

• Thixotropic version available.

• External fire performance Broof t4 version available.

• Application temperature from +5°C to +35°C, substrate humidity < 4 %,

• R.H. between 35 and 80 %, above the dew point by at least 3°C.

• Operating temperature from -40°C to +80°C in air.

• Waterproofing systems with 60 gm/m2 polyester fleece or 225gm/m2 GFM reinforcement

Starflex Mono has all the major system accreditations and standards required, such as European Technical Approval: ETA05/0197 DIBt, BBA, Brooft4, water vapour permability ISO 9932:91,

Resistance to mechanical damage by static impression High Resistance (class:P3) EOTA TR-007, root resistance UNE 53420 and numerous others.

The system is fast and easy to use, which means projects to be delivered fast and efficiently. Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing is typically supplied in 20 kg metal pails. These should be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 12 months. Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: 5o -30oC. Products should remain in their original, unopened containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product designation, batch number and application precaution labels.

The Starflex Mono liquid is a modern, low odour, fast curing, easy to use system. It saves the installer time and money. Substrates to be treated must be sound, clean, and free from contaminates,  and debris by using high pressure washing sprays. Substrate preparation is fundamental, so the substrate to be treated must be free of any pollutant, dry, coherent, and it must have a bond strength of at least 1,5 MPa. A peel test will ascertain this.

In any case it is necessary, depending on the type of substrate, to make a preparation of the flooring by sandblasting, milling, smoothing, or sanding. Free and stagnant water coming from the foundation, from previous washing processes or from meteorological events must be removed. A moisture test will confirm this.

To summarize Starflex Mono is;

• A moisture cured waterproofing liquid with a 30-year BBA.

• A Brooft4 fire rated liquid roofing liquid

• A Wet on wet liquid roofing system

• A Fast curing liquid waterproofing system

• Suitable for green roofs due to anti root accreditation

• A Walkway and balcony liquid waterproofing system which can be fast curing

• A cost-effective repair liquid waterproofing suitable for GRP and felt.

• A cost-effective liquid waterproofing refurbishment option free of flame.

• A more cost effective and less odour intrusive PMMA alternative walkway liquid waterproofing system

• Suitable for wet room and basement projects.

Starflex Mono is suitable for;

• Roofs, terraces, and balconies.

• Tanks, channels, pipelines.

• Renewing old membranes.

• Parking and sport areas.

• Wet areas.

• Bridge and podium decks.


How long does Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing take to cure?

This depends very much on the temperature. Typically, 2/3 hours. In hot weather it could be fully rain resistant light trafficable within 30 minutes. Final curing time is a maximum of 7 days

• Above varies considerably if catalyst is used.

What colour is Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing?

Simply put dark and light grey. Dark grey RAL 7043 is the most popular UK colour, but lighter grey and other RAL colours are available.

Is Starflex Mono fire resistant?

Starflex Mono has the highest current fire rating for liquids which is BRooft4.

Is Starflex Mono suitable for Green Roofs?

Yes. Starflex Mono liquid roofing is root resistant.

Can Starflex Mono be applied directly to concrete and screed?

A suitable primer should always be used. Primer 230 is the typically offered product in the UK. But other specialist primers are available also.

Can Starflex Mono be applied to GRP?

Yes, and often without the need for primer, subject to peel test.

What is the weight of the polyester fleece used?

A 100% mechanically needle-punched and thermo-calendered polyester is used. It weighs 60 g/m2.

Is Starflex Mono suitable as a walkway and balcony system?

Yes. Quartz or chippings can be added, and a thin topcoat added to increase foot holding.

Is Starflex Mono a suitable alternative to PMMA?

As far as curing quickly and traffic resistance is concerned, definitely yes. The odour is also much less noticeable than PMMA’s, which can be overbearing at times.

Is Starflex Mono a simple system to install?

Yes. Typically, deck preparation, primer (when required), base coat and topcoat with fleece in between for reinforcement as a Wet-on-Wet process.

Can Starflex Mono be installed in the wet?

It is not considered good roofing practice to install any cold liquid in wet conditions.

Can Starflex Mono be applied onto frost or freezing substrate?

It is bad roofing practice to install a cold liquid onto a deck that is frosted or is close to freezing. See data  Starflex Mono data sheet for exact details.

Is Starflex Mono suitable for domestic work?

Starflex Mono is perfect for roofs of all shapes and sizes.

How many years does a liquid roof last?

If installed correctly, up to 30 years depending on the liquid thickness

Is Starflex Mono self-terminating?

Yes. You do not have to cut a chase area or use any termination bar or sealant. Sometimes it is advised to do so where brickwork is concerned. Old brickwork becomes very porous.

The Benefits of Liquid Waterproofing Systems Such As MPM Starflex Mono 100

Liquid waterproofing has specific benefits when compared against other systems. Liquid is a viable solution for virtually any roof design or function. It is a good seamless option beneath a green roof or a blue roof. Another major advantage is that it is installed as a cold applied liquid so is a flame free installation.

This makes it an obvious safer option for both the specifier, contractor, installer and, in the case of refurbishment, the building occupants. Fire risk when installing PU liquids is virtually zero. Also, Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing has the high fire rating Brooft4. This means it has been independently tested and shown not to promote the spread of fire. The Grenfell fire disaster has ensured that materials used on building must prove to be fire resistant.

 Liquid Waterproofing ensures a completely seamless solution. Installation is as a continuous coat with no seams to enable water access and get under the skin. Unlike single ply, bitumen felt, and EPDM. These are all vulnerable at seam junctions. This is a clear weak point in these systems. PU liquid can withstand standing water. This is called ponding. But good roofing design suggests minimum falls of 1:80 should be built into the building design. This means that the roof would come within current building guidelines in the UK mentioned in BS6229. This inclusion is a vital consideration in regard to North facing roofs as they receive less sunlight. These areas are open to a higher risk from standing water, which will help promote the increase of organic growth.

Another positive thing about some liquid roofing systems is the reduction of pungent odour. The smell that exudes from some systems can and do make people feel sick and ill and can even provoke asthma attacks. The Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing has a low odour compared to many other systems, especially PMMA, and makes it more suitable for working in built up areas. Some systems are simply too smelly to be installed in crowded or occupied areas.

There are four main reasons that have caused the recent move in favour of liquid roof waterproofing

• Reduced risk of fire when installing a liquid membrane

• It is seamless, so less risk of water ingress.

• Liquid roofing can perfectly match the shapes and curves of modern building design.  

• A lower skill level is required. Operatives can be promptly trained, unlike felt, asphalt or single ply installers.

• Modern liquid is improving all the time. They are an increasingly safer option of waterproofing. Some key advantages liquid has over seamed products.

• Cold applied is no flame.

• Seam free.

• Ultraviolet resistant

• Details are easily worked around.

• Equally perfect for new build and refurbishment works

• Lightweight in comparison to felt or PVC rolls.

Liquid Waterproofing is a fast and easy system to install. Site disruption is greatly reduced. It can more easily achieve any health and safety criteria required. The substrate should be prepared correctly and primed if required. A peel test should always be carried out and left as long as possible to inspect that adhesion is good.

A minimum period of 48 hours is required to ensure this is okay. Once this has been completed and tested the liquid waterproofing can be applied by brush or roller. The Starflex Mono liquid waterproofing is self-terminating, so upstand areas which is an obvious weak point in any seamed system have no entry points where the water can find its way into the building.