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Liquid Roofing Systems

Liquid Roofing Systems | Alphateq Waterproofing

At Alphateq Waterproofing we provide liquid roofing systems which are strenuously tested for quality. Our mantra of 'The Contractor Is King' means these liquid systems are also cost effective. We cut out all the middle men and don't put unfair margins on our products. The use of cold applied liquid roof systems allows for contractors to finish projects faster and with an easier installation process. Whether it is for a liquid overlay on a flat roof refurbishment or the installation of new liquid roof, our systems

If you would like further information about the liquid waterproofing products we can provide please get in touch with us through our contact form or call us on 01277 503 110. One of our team of liquid roofing experts will be happy to help.

Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing For Flat Roofs

There are many options to consider when choosing a liquid waterproofing membrane. A good starting point should be the liquid coating chosen holds either a ETAG or BBA accreditation. This ensures a good starting point as it means the system has been properly tested. There are some systems that do not hold these accreditations and they may indeed still be perfectly fit for purpose. But on large projects, especially new build, often they are a standard requirement. Therefore, as far as liquids are concerned, it is suggested that only systems that hold a current BBA Certification or ETAs should be specified. Alphateq’s main liquid waterproofing systems hold these accreditations.

Considerations When Choosing A Liquid Waterproofing System For A Flat Roof

Reinforcement: There is often a debate about reinforcement when it comes to liquid roofing systems. There are contrasting opinions between the various liquid waterproofing companies. However, regardless of the installation format used, you can be confident in the performance of a liquid roofing system installed correctly if it has an approved standard such as a BBA or ETAG. The reinforcement debate only applies to the field area. Any details and parts of the roofing system with a change of direction would always need to be reinforced.

Solvent content: This is a big indicator of the suitability of any liquid roofing system. Overall, heavy solvent content can come with an added odour which can cause nausea and sickness. Alphateq Waterproofing would steer away from systems that have a strong odour as these can cause problems to people off site also. Some PMMA systems carry a very strong smell and impact on some installations.

Fire performance: This is an important standard that is important in modern construction projects. A BroofT4 accreditation is a typical standard of performance that should be available with any given system.

Anti-Slump Properties: Some liquid systems offer an anti-slump variation, and this enables detail and vertical work to be carried out more easily. This option is normally contained within a system as a whole and doing so reflects that the liquid waterproofing system is comprehensive and self-contained. In essence, a one stop shop. Alphateq offers a fully approved total system.

Ease of application: Easy application is an important component of any liquid roofing system. If liquids are too stodgy or too thin, they can prove more difficult to apply. This can depend on the substrate. Alphateq’s technical and site teams spend much time trialing and installing products on real roof situations. This gives hands on experience as to the suitability of Alphateq’s liquids for construction projects in the UK.

Price: is always a factor regardless of what anybody might say. All our liquid roof coating products are of a very high standard but are supplied at a price point that means a quality installation can be achieved at a competitive price.

Cure Time: A rapid curing process is a very advantageous trait of any liquid roofing product. 

The considerations above are some of the most common things to think about, be it a specifier or installer. Alphateq Waterproofing is committed to supplying the right product, to the highest standard at the most competitive price.

Why Choose Alphateq Waterproofing For Your Liquid Roofing System

Alphateq Waterproofing insist on only supplying quality products into the market. Sub standard products if used cause a bad reputation to the industry overall. It is therefore vital that certain criteria are considered, fully understood, and implemented. Alphateq Waterproofing has a keen focus on all the waterproofing systems available which we spend time and effort testing and vetting to ensure they meet the high standards needed and are able to meet today’s customers’ requirements, whilst complying with the latest technologies and standards. Alphateq Waterproofing systems are used in new buildings and refurbishments. Many leading specialist contractors lend their support to the sophisticated products we supply. A great number of customers in put their trust in our waterproofing and coating systems.

Get In Touch With Alphateq Waterproofing

If you would like further information about the liquid roofing systems we can provide please get in touch with us through our contact form or call us on 01277 503 110. One of our team of liquid roofing experts will be happy to help.

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