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Our Sustainability Promise

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”   Robert Swan

Alphateq Waterproofing is totally committed to reducing the impact our business has on the environment. Our sincere aim is to reduce the impact that the products we supply have on the environment. This will enable us to do our bit to enable us to be part of handing over a more eco aware environment to future generations.

Alphateq Waterproofing aims to supply the highest quality flat roof liquid systems, which offer the longest lifespan possible which in turn offer lower whole life costs. We will continue to ensure we obtain products that are manufactured in a responsible way so that we are part of a process to reduce raw material usage, waste, and emissions.

The production plants where we obtain our materials from use the highest level of production techniques, which reduce water consumption and drastically reduce environmental pollution.

The manufacturing plants we use all run a ISO 50001 energy management accreditation scheme. In essence Alphateq Waterproofing are totally committed to reducing the impact our business has on the environment.

Packaging and Site Waste

Alphateq Waterproofing suppliers and manufacturers work closely with recycling specialists to drastically reduce rubbish going to landfill. All our packaging is recyclable. Recently on a large University roof refurbishment scheme we managed to ensure that nearly 90% of waste was recycled.


There are many products that Alphateq offer that are designed to increase the life of a building and good eco credentials. Alphateq products offer waterproofing system solutions that are recyclable and therefore offer better longer lasting products that are better for the population and the planet. Many of our products are used to extend the life of a building’s roof and other waterproofed areas in the refurbishment market. This means that existing waterproofing can be coated over and this cuts out massive disposal costs with can definitely have a knock on effect and impact on the carbon footprint being held into check on the existing building.

Alphateq products are manufactured under an environmental management system (EMS) ISO 14001. This makes it possible to therefore identify and therefore control the environmental impact of production, products, and services. The aim is to always improve these and be able to demonstrate they are being achieved.

Alphateq manufactured products also comply with REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) which is the new EU regulation governing chemicals and their applications. REACH has been in force since June 2007. It is designed to deal with key aspects of the manufacture of and trade in chemical substances. REACH covers not only individual substances and preparations (formulations), but also the products containing these substances.

Alphateq manufactured products also endorse and action LEED. This is a voluntary certification program that is used on any building, both commercial and residential and covers the entire life cycle of the building itself, from design to construction. LEED promotes a ecological approach, recognizing the performance of buildings in key sectors, such as

• Sustainability

• Energy and water savings during production

• Reduction of CO2 emissions

PU Liquid Systems And The Environment

Polyurethanes help to save energy sustainably. This assists architects, specifiers, and contractors to better insulate buildings. This in turn reduces the consumption of gas, oil, and electricity, which are required to heat and cool them. PU liquid waterproofing for instance, works well with green roof systems which in turn play a vital and important role in reducing the Urban Heat Island effect. Also, polyurethane is susceptible to biodegradation by naturally occurring microorganisms. Overall, the construction industry is becoming more environmentally friendly and polyurethane products are playing a major role in making this happen. It is much more environmentally friendly than plastic for instance. Often polyurethane can replace the use of rubber, silicone, and plastic. Polyurethane is becoming the most popular option because it has a lot of the same functionalities as the products just mentioned but it is environmentally friendly, too, as it is non-toxic. The list of customizations polyurethane can be made to do is very long. This is the main reason it is a great alternative to plastic and other materials. Other materials like plastic, rubber and silicone aren’t as durable as polyurethane.

In summary polyurethane is eco-friendly but plastic is not. This is because polyurethane doesn’t consist of any chemicals that contribute to the PH change in soil or water. In other words, it has no negative impact on the environment. It does not leak and contaminate into water or corrode healthy soil like plastic ultimately does in landfill.

Alphateq Waterproofing is committed to offering up eco friendly systems via our manufacturers and our own efforts. We only hold a high standard of products within our product portfolio because of this. You can specify our products knowing that every effort has been made during production and transportation to supply these.